I’m from Oklahoma and I’m appalled…

From the title I’m sure you can probably guess I’m talking about Chad from this seasons Bachelorette. To give you and the guy a chance, I was super stoked about FINALLY having someone from the Tulsa area on The Bachelorette. We’ve have a couple on the Bachelor (a girl from Norman who didn’t make it past night 1 and some girl from Stillwater who excused herself I think the 2nd week into it) but still, I was excited to see this season. Until the premiere happened. That is when it all changed for me. Maybe because I’ve dated men like him.

In the weeks since I can honestly say I’ve had more WTF and “Are you serious right now” moments watching the show, than I think I ever have (and let’s face it, Kelsey and Olivia were pretty cray cray!) But this, this makes me want to defend all the “nice guys” from this area and tell people “No, he does not represent how men from here treat others!!!!” There’s difference in being confident and being cocky, cocky isn’t cute and doesn’t earn you brownie points. Also, you can be honest, without being an asshole. I know some people are gonna bring up the fact that he lost his mom just over a year ago. Well that’s still NO EXCUSE! My boyfriends dad passed on my birthday last year (documented in a previous blog, if you don’t believe me), he doesn’t act like an ass to everyone he’s come in contact with. He got out of the Air Force after serving 6 for years (and 2 deployments) to care for his dad after He had a major heart attack, leaving him living in about 1/3rd of a heart. His dad was his best friend, I am still heartbroken over the fact that he’s gone and won’t be there when we get married and have kids (I made him pinky promise me he’d be there a couple of days before he passed </3). But with all that said, a death in the family, is no excuse to threaten people or take your anger out on them. If you have all this built up anger, how about you try to get rid of it before you bring someone else into your life? Just a thought.

So here are some things that still errk me about this guy, other than his temper and overall douchiness.Which I have called him and got a response on Instagram. The photo is a screenshot of the convo (unedited as I am not that talented). Yes, I called him a douchebag, but that’s how he’s been acting. It was on the video teaser of him and Daniel, where he was saying he tells girls not to go for the nice guys.convo

convo2Here’s a time stamped photo, in case anyone was wondering, I honestly didn’t know I could get that until today, lol. So why respond to me? I’m not the first person to call him a douche, and certainly he’s been called worse? Typically, people would have deleted the comment, blocked the person, if it really bothered them that much and went about their day like a normal functioning adult. Apparently it was a slow day for him and he decided to chat it up. I wasn’t impressed. And no, his jab didn’t phase me 🙂 I know I’m beautiful. I may not be as skinny as I once was, but I am working on myself, and that’s all that matters. ❤

Here is an article where someone found his old match dot com profile (which according to Reality Steve, the profile was up until the night before he left for Jojo’s season)  http://www.wetpaint.com/bachelorette-2016-chad-johnson-match-profile-photos-1498609/  This article is accompanied by photos, someones screenshot. He said he “is self-taught and doesn’t believe in college”, that he’d almost met all of his requirements for his associates degree, but decided to take his own path (which is fine). But yet every other article you read that tells you about him, says he’s an OU alumni… http://www.oudaily.com/a_and_e/highlights-from-ou-alumni-chad-johnson-s-night-on-the/article_2d835a9e-26d4-11e6-bd30-c30b0aa310bd.html So which is it? Did he drop out or did he graduate? Cuz I’d be proud of my degree, but hey that’s just me.

Personally I think Evan hit the nail on the head, maybe that’s why Chad got so pissy. And this possibly can explain his temper, mood swings, appetite. Steriods suck dude.chad

That is not natural, and you can tell. Not even body builders who do it naturally look like that. It is gross, and before you jump on me for calling him out on it. He admitted it to Chris Harrison. “Not like I could bring them anyways…” Like seriously?! Maybe he forgot his estrogen blockers too and that’s why he was so pyscho on the show? I don’t know, I just know that it isn’t cute whatever it is.

So apparently he’s been buying up web domains and having them redirected to his instagram, seriously, how old are we?  http://www.tulsaworld.com/blogs/scene/tv/tvtype-tulsa-s-bachelorette-suitor-chad-johnson-buying-web-domains/article_f7786c72-108a-55d5-a028-c2271c5e65d9.html and if you needed more proof that it was him, other than the tweet that he said yes, it was him, he said he’d sell them back at a price.  http://www.dailydot.com/entertainment/bachelorette-abc-jojo-chad-johnson-domain-names-instagram/ But isn’t domain squatting illegal?

Cybersquatting is defined as a criminal act that entails the illegal and unlawful holding of a domain name in an unethical fashion. Typically, Cyber-squatters, those who engage in the act of Cybersquatting, do so with the intent of bullying prospective purchasers who require a domain name into meeting the financial demands expressed by the cyber-squatter. This is done in lieu of a productive and ethical commercial endeavor in which the domain name owned is used for commercial value. The Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act, which was passed in 1999, precludes individuals from exploiting domain names purchased with the sole intention of demanding financial restitution.

hmm…just sayin. The guys names he used may never want their own web domain, at least not in their name, but they should have that choice without having to pay to buy their name from someone, but hey not my circus, not my monkies.

The last thing I found after the season started was this article, written by Christine Lo, apparently has written lots of Bachelor/Bachelorette articles, but some “insider” gave her this information to write about. http://okhereisthesituation.com/2016/05/insider-claims-chad-johnson-appears/ I don’t have the time do fill out the form to request information on his military history, someone else can. It’s part of the Freedom of Information Act, but I am finishing up my degree this summer and don’t want to mess with it. Or someone could just ask to see his DD214, but that would be kind of akward seeing him,on the street asking to see that, haha. But I can say it’s a aweful shame if he’s another stolen valor jackass, which just infuriates me. Being the girlfriend of a Veteran, I find stolen valor disgraceful and absolutely appalling. And you know even before I was dating a Veteran, I always posted my thank yous to our Vets (I also have several friends and family that have served and some that currently still serve) , yet his sister has never made any mention to him being a Veteran…just sayin, she has no pics of him in uniform, no yay my bro’s back from ___. No proud of my bro for serving our country. Nothing. Hmmm….

So lastly, I feel like I have to defend my state. There is more to do here then float the Illinios River! (that was another one of my WTF moments last week) Maybe for a city boy that’s the only thing you can think of, other than taking a boat out on the lake. But as someone who was born and raised in the same area, even after living here 30 years, I still find things to do. Hell there’s offroading in Disney, Ok or Clayton. You could go to Little Sahara.We have Natural Falls State Park, where there are some BEAUTIFUL waterfalls and hiking trails. There’s always Robbers Cave. Not to mention Oklahoma City is only a couple of hours away and there’s so much to do there. Museums and parks. Bricktown. Sports games there and here in Tulsa. Find a friend whose got a little bit of land and go sit under the stars, holy cow, I will miss the clear Oklahoma nights in the country when my boyfriend and I move. There’s plenty to do, you just have to do it. 🙂

With all that said I tried to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. But after watching him threaten some of the guys, I can only imagine how Bachelor in Paradise is going to unfold.

Goodnight y’all!

**The way you treat people, is what makes you beautiful, not your looks. Outer beauty doesn’t count when you have an ugly soul.**                         respect




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